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About Us

We are a film production company based in Amsterdam, specializing in music productions for artists, institutions and brands. Our wide range of services includes multi-camera productions, music videos and documentaries suitable for cinema, television and social media.

Michal Grycko, founder and director, created the company out of his dual passion for both music and film. He has an extensive education in classical music, and has worked many years as a professional musician. The experience and insight into music, recording, and live concerts that he gained over these years enables Michal to capture a performance in a remarkable way.

0001_GRYCKO'S CREW_edited.jpg
Michal Grycko


0004_GRYCKO'S CREW-4_edited.jpg
Inigo Garayo

Director of Photography

0003_GRYCKO'S CREW-3_edited.jpg
Ola Grycko

Production Manager

0002_GRYCKO'S CREW-2_edited.jpg
Juan Dominguez

Camera operator

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